Episode 95 – Bad-Ass Fusion Decapitations Part 3: Time to Kill

Episode 95 – Bad-Ass Fusion Decapitations Part 3: Time to Kill

Radical Research Podcast
Episode 95 - Bad-Ass Fusion Decapitations Part 3: Time to Kill

Herein we present the third and likely final installment of our Bad-Ass Fusion Decapitations series. We repeat two bands previously featured on other episodes (Kraan, King Crimson) and bring you eight more missives from the deepest cosmos. Watch that noggin of yours — the headhunters are abound tonight!

Note I:

As noted within the episode, here’s that link to “Study the Greats”:

Note II:

As this is likely the final installment of Bad-Ass Fusion Decapitations, here are the first two, in case you missed them or want a refresher course:

Part 1: https://radicalresearch.org/episode-5-ten-bad-ass-fusion-decapitations-mahavishnu-orchestra-return-to-forever-colosseum-area/

Part 2: https://radicalresearch.org/episode-73-bad-ass-fusion-decapitations-part-2/

Note III:

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Music cited in order of appearance:

Al Di Meola, “Flight Over Rio” (Elegant Gypsy, 1977)
Bruford, “Beelzebub” (Feels Good to Me, 1978)
Ian Carr, “Remadione” (Belladonna, 1972)

Ain Soph, “Crossfire” (A Story of Mysterious Forest, 1980)

Transit Express, “Disparition” (Opus Progressif, 1976)
Herbie Hancock, “Palm Grease” (Thrust, 1974)

Kraan, “Rund Um Die Uhr” (Wiederhoren, 1977)

King Crimson, “Neurotica” (November 22, 2017, Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Mats/Morgan Band, “Min Hast” (Live, 2001, recorded 1999)

Soft Machine, “Hazard Profile, Part Five” (Bundles, 1975)

Episode 96 preview: Disillusion, “Don’t Go Any Further” (Gloria, 2006)

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