Episode 73 – Bad-Ass Fusion Decapitations, Part 2

Episode 73 – Bad-Ass Fusion Decapitations, Part 2

Radical Research Podcast
Episode 73 - Bad-Ass Fusion Decapitations, Part 2

12 ripping snippets from 11 fusion ragers spanning 1972 to 1982. We did the first one in 2018, episode 5, and it was high time we returned to the madness! We herewith present a variety of displays from various American, Danish, German, Japanese and Spanish artists. Rip it apart!!!

Note I:
Here’s the first installment of this occasional series: http://radicalresearch.org/episode-5-ten-bad-ass-fusion-decapitations-mahavishnu-orchestra-return-to-forever-colosseum-area/

Note II:

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Music cited, in order of appearance:
Mingo Lewis, “Frankincense“ (Flight Never Ending, 1976)
The New Tony Williams Lifetime, “Fred” (Believe It, 1975)
Secret Oyster, “Astarte” (Vidunderlige Kaelling, 1975)
Jean-Luc Ponty, “Egocentric Molecules” (Cosmic Messenger, 1978)
Chick Corea, “Nite Sprite” (The Leprechaun, 1976)
Kraan, “Borgward” (Tournee, 1980)
Billy Cobham, “Taurian Matador” (Spectrum, 1973)
Kenso, “Harukanaru Chi E (Toward the Land Beyond)” (II, 1982)
Iceberg, “Andalusia, Andalusia” (Sentiments, 1977)
Miles Davis, “One and One” (On the Corner, 1972)
Frank Zappa, “Eat That Question” (The Grand Wazoo, 1972)
Mingo Lewis, “Heartsong“ (Flight Never Ending, 1976)

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