Episode 51 – Suffocated by Stars: Ripping Into Nocturnus’s ‘Thresholds’

Episode 51 – Suffocated by Stars: Ripping Into Nocturnus’s ‘Thresholds’

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Episode 51 - Suffocated by Stars: Ripping Into Nocturnus's ‘Thresholds’

Continuing our appreciation for the unloved misfits of Metalopolis, we always considered 1992’s Thresholds, by Florida’s Nocturnus, an honorary 1993 album. Until we found out it was recorded in December 1991. Whatever the case, these eight chunky, blocky, cosmic, technical songs find Nocturnus at its densest and strangest. While every ingredient adds to the peculiar flavor, it’s all about the wild tandem ripping of guitarists Mike Davis and Sean McNenney when you get right down to it. And we get right down to it! Thanks for joining us, and sorry for Jeff’s weak presence…technical issues, of course.

Note I:
If you don’t want to hear us talking about dreams about Prong, Def Leppard album covers, our break in the once-mutual “favorite Queensryche album” topic, or Christmas at Jim Durkin’s house, skip to 18:08 to enter our discussion of Nocturnus’s Thresholds.

Note II:
But if you skipped ahead, you might have missed us discovering the quite fascinating fact that both Thomas Dolby and Yes’s Tony Kaye are un-credited contributors to Def Leppard’s Pyromania album.

Note III:
And if you skipped ahead, you won’t care about this correction: Jeff said the Durkin Christmas gathering was in the mid/late ‘90s. He was so wrong. It was actually around 2003/04 or so.

Note IV:
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Music cited, in order of appearance:
[all from Nocturnus, Thresholds, 1992]
“Climate Controller”
“Tribal Vodoun”
“Nocturne in Bm”
“Arctic Crypt”
“Subterranean Infiltrator”
“Alter Reality”
episode 52 preview: The Mars Volta, “Luciforms” (Octahedron, 2009)

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This is Radical Research Podcast episode 51.