Episode 96 – This is Not Some Stupid Quest: Disillusion’s Glorious ‘Gloria’

Episode 96 – This is Not Some Stupid Quest: Disillusion’s Glorious ‘Gloria’

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 96 - This is Not Some Stupid Quest: Disillusion's Glorious 'Gloria'

The Southeastern United States, from whence Radical Research is broadcast, has long prided itself on its sundry wrestling traditions. From the bare-chested hectoring of the SoCon to the gator-tangling of Central Florida, southerners approach wrestling with a sense of birthright authority. But today we face a new challenger: taxonomy. The second full-length album by Germany’s Disillusion, the forbidding Gloria, is an oil-rubbed beast that slips away from our every attempt to ensnare it with our inadequate classifications. We invite you to tune in to our 96th episode and declare, once and for all, a victor in this battle of equivocation.

Note I:

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Music cited in order of appearance:

[All selection from Disillusion, Gloria, 2006]

“The Black Sea”

“Dread It”

“Don’t Go Any Further”




“The Hole We Are In”

“Save the Past”


“Too Many Broken Cease Fires”


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