Episode 92 – Last Crack: The Best of All Our Burning Time

Episode 92 – Last Crack: The Best of All Our Burning Time

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 92 - Last Crack: The Best of All Our Burning Time

Rarely can a rock or metal band be described in terms of open-heartedness, nostalgia, or compassion. But the subject of Radical Research’s 92nd episode defies convention in nearly every way. Madison, Wisconsin’s Last Crack was a band that seemed on the brink of breakout success but, ultimately, condemned to wander the corridors of obscurity. They recorded their second album at Eldorado Studios in Hollywood, and released the results via Roadracer/Roadrunner in 1991. To our ears, Burning Time is a masterpiece of left-field hard rock/metal. A mesh of razor-sharp guitars, a deft rhythm section, and the magisterial wailings of the group’s master of ceremony, Buddo, Burning Time embraces the listener and brings us into its enchanted Midwestern fantasia.

Note I:

Our apologies to Last Crack: ”Mini Toboggan” deserves so much better than some kind of crass comparison to a ridiculously-titled Cannibal Corpse song. We were feeling plucky on this night. But seriously, we do so love this song to the utter ends of our lives, whether we grew up sledding (Jeff) or not (Hunter).

Note II:

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Music cited in order of appearance:

All songs from Burning Time, 1991:

“Wicked Sandbox”

“Mini Toboggan”

“Energy Mind”

“My Burning Time”

“Precious Human Stress”

“Love, Craig”

“Kiss a the Cold”

“Love or Surrender”

“Mack Bolasses”

“Blue Fly, Fish Sky”

“Papa Mugaya”

“Down Beat Dirt Messiah”


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