Episode 91 – Atheist 1985-2010: We Believe!!!

Episode 91 – Atheist 1985-2010: We Believe!!!

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 91 - Atheist 1985-2010: We Believe!!!

Occasionally, Radical Research dares to tackle the big questions: what is time, and can we have a piece of it? Can a psychic saw perform brain surgery? Can a metal album have a samba track and several bars of Miami bass hip-grind? On episode 91, a look into the works of Florida’s seminal tech titans, Atheist, we take on these and other pressing matters. Pull up a chair and strap on your trustiest pair of headphones: it’s pizza time.

Note I:

We meant to bring it up in the conversation, but simply overlooked this fascinating, Atheist-related trivia:  Atheist’s Kelly Shaefer auditioned for Velvet Revolver, the band formed by members of Guns ‘N Roses. You can check out some Blabbermouth reporting on this event here:


Note II:

Hunter misspoke, and Jeff mis-agreed with him: Kelly Shaefer didn’t stop playing guitar due to tinnitus, of course. He stopped due to carpel tunnel syndrome.

Note III:

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Note IV:

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Note V:

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Music cited in order of appearance:

“Brain Damage” (R.A.V.A.G.E., On We Slay demo, 1987)
“Choose Your Death” (Beyond demo, 1988)
“Piece of Time” (Piece of Time, 1990)
“Unholy War” (Piece of Time, 1990)
“No Truth” (Piece of Time, 1990)

“Unquestionable Presence” (Unquestionable Presence, 1991)
“An Incarnation’s Dream” (Unquestionable Presence, 1991)
“And the Psychic Saw” (Unquestionable Presence, 1991)
“Air” (Elements, 1993)

“Mineral” (Elements, 1993)
“Earth” (Elements, 1993)
“See You Again” (Elements, 1993)

“Second to Sun” (Jupiter, 2010)

“Fraudulent Cloth” (Jupiter, 2010)

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