Episode 89 – Bassically: Metal Bass Guitar Solos That Rip Ass

Episode 89 – Bassically: Metal Bass Guitar Solos That Rip Ass

Radical Research Podcast
Episode 89 - Bassically: Metal Bass Guitar Solos That Rip Ass

It’s the gutsier, uglier, unwieldier alternative to the heavy metal guitar solo: The goddamn heavy metal BASS guitar solo! We have collected 20 beautifully behemoth examples, laid bare for you to ponder. Sightings are rare, but they’re out there…and we love the hell out of them.

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Music cited in order of appearance:

Motorhead, “Keep Us On the Road” (Lemmy Kilmister, Motorhead, 1977)
Motorhead, “Stay Clean” (Lemmy Kilmister, Overkill, 1979)

Armored Saint, “Released” (Joey Vera, Delirious Nomad, 1985)

Manowar, “Sting of the Bumblebee” (Joey DeMaio, Kings of Metal, 1988)

Manowar, “Mountains” (Joey DeMaio, Sign of the Hammer, 1984)

Sadus, “Torture” (Steve DiGiorgio, Illusions, 1988)

Death, “The Philosopher” (Steve DiGiorgio, Individual Thought Patterns, 1993)
Nasty Savage, “Sin Eater” (Richard Bateman, Penetration Point, 1989)

Darkthrone, “Sempiternal Sepulchrality” (Dag Nilsen, Soulside Journey, 1991)

Kataklysm, “World of Treason” (Maurizio Iacono, Sorcery, 1995)

Stargazer, “Hooves” (Damon Good, Psychic Secretions, 2021)

Martire, “Lucixion” (Damon Good, Brutal Legions of the Apocalypse, 2012)

Necrophagist, “Only Ash Remains” (Stephan Fimmers, Epitaph, 2004)

Rainer Landfermann, “Langsam, Hinters Licht” (Mein Wort in Deiner Dunkelheit, 2019)

Dream Theater, “Metropolis – Part I: The Miracle and the Sleeper” (John Myung, Images and Words, 1992)
Canvas Solaris, “Arc-Lite” (Gael Pirlot, Tribute to Coroner, split 7” w/Pharaoh, 2010)

Cynic, “Textures” (Sean Malone, Focus, 1993)

Spiral Architect, “Excessit” (Lars Norberg, A Skeptic’s Universe, 2000)

Corrosion of Conformity, “My Grain” (Mike Dean, Deliverance, 1994)

Metallica, “Orion” (Cliff Burton, Master of Puppets, 1986)

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