Episode 82 – Fates Warning: An Impromptu Discussion

Episode 82 – Fates Warning: An Impromptu Discussion

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 82 - Fates Warning: An Impromptu Discussion

In anticipation of Destination Onward – The Story of Fates Warning and its publication in July, 2022, the author, Jeff Wagner, and Radical Research co-host, Hunter Ginn, sit down and talk about Fates Warning. It’s far from the first time we’ve discussed Fates Warning together, but it’s the first time we’ve gone into an episode of Radical Research with absolutely no plan. We didn’t even know what snippets we’d feature until after the conversation wrapped up. This is not intended to be an exhaustive or final-word survey on this legendary band’s output. It is, quite simply, and like many of our episodes, a love letter.

Note I:

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Note II:

Of all the ridiculously nerdy things we’ve said over 82 episodes, perhaps the nerdiest comes in this episode, at 11:05, courtesy of Hunter. The “Borivoj Krgin 1990 to mid-1994” comment. “Mid”??? That’s incredibly specific, Radish.

Note III:

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Music cited, in order of appearance:

[all songs by Fates Warning unless otherwise noted]

“Damnation” (Night on Brocken, 1984)

“The Apparition” (The Spectre Within, 1985)

“Don’t Follow Me” (Parallels, 1991)
“Part of the Machine” (Perfect Symmetry, 1989)

“Shades of Heavenly Death” (No Exit, 1988)
While Heaven Wept, “To Wander the Void” (Vast Oceans Lachrymose, 2009)

John Arch, “Relentless” (A Twist of Fate, 2003)

“Monument” (Inside Out, 1994)

“Still Remains” (Live Over Europe, 2018)

“A Pleasant Shade of Gray, XII” (Still Life, 1998)
“River Wide, Ocean Deep” (FWX, 2003)

“Like Stars Our Eyes Have Seen” (Theories of Flight, 2016)
“Exodus” (Awaken the Guardian, 1986)

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