Episode 78 – Enslaved’s Monumension: Floating Diversity & Monumental Dimensions

Episode 78 – Enslaved’s Monumension: Floating Diversity & Monumental Dimensions

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 78 - Enslaved's Monumension: Floating Diversity & Monumental Dimensions

We love Enslaved. They are a rare long-running band that, in our estimation, have not released a bad album. Of their 15 full-lengths to date, your Radical Research hosts highly rank their sixth album, 2001’s Monumension: it’s Ginn’s #2 (just behind Eld, 1997) and Wagner’s #1 (in front of Isa, 2004). Curiously, it was perhaps the most lambasted, misunderstood and contentious of Enslaved’s early era. But we don’t much care about all that: we place it on pedestals most high. It’s certainly good enough for us. Join us in a celebration of the mighty Monumension.

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Music cited, in order of appearance:

[all titles from Enslaved – Monumension, 2001]

“Convoys to Nothingness”

“The Voices”

“Vision: Sphere of the Elements – A Monument Part II”

“Hollow Inside”

“The Cromlech Gate”

“Enemy I”


“The Sleep: Floating Diversity – A Monument Part III”

“Outro: Self – Zero”


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