Episode 77 – Wobbler 2005-2020: Seeing the Forest & the Trees

Episode 77 – Wobbler 2005-2020: Seeing the Forest & the Trees

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 77 - Wobbler 2005-2020: Seeing the Forest & the Trees

To date, Radical Research has made more trips to Norway than any other country. But, typically, we spend our time in the shadowy realms of post-black metal. For our 77th episode, we travel to the green pastures of Honefoss, in search of Wobbler, Norway’s preeminent progressive rock export. Having made five albums since forming in 1999, which at once pay homage to the legends of the ’70s and occupy a thoroughly contemporary space on the rock spectrum, the time has long come for a proper investigation into the band’s work. All travelers are welcome but synth whores should take particular note.

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Music cited in order of appearance:
“Hinterland” (Hinterland, 2005)
“Rubato Industry” (Hinterland, 2005)
“Clair Obscur” (Hinterland, 2005)
“Imperial Winter White” (Afterglow, 2009)
“In Taberna” (Afterglow, 2009)
“La Bealtaine” (Rites at Dawn, 2011)
“This Past Presence” (Rites at Dawn, 2011)
“The River” (Rites at Dawn, 2011)
“From Silence to Somewhere” (From Silence to Somewhere, 2017)
“Fermented Hours” (From Silence to Somewhere, 2017)
“Foxlight” (From Silence to Somewhere, 2017)
“Five Rooms” (Dwellers of the Deep, 2020)
“Merry Macabre” (Dwellers of the Deep, 2020)

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