Episode 69 — Minds No Longer Present: Eucharist’s Mirrorworlds

Episode 69 — Minds No Longer Present: Eucharist’s Mirrorworlds

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 69 -- Minds No Longer Present: Eucharist's Mirrorworlds

Often overlooked relative to Gothenburg luminaries such as At the Gates, In Flames, and Dark Tranquility, Eucharist, whose entire legacy hinges upon two full-length albums and a clutch of compilation tracks, recorded some of the most vibrant, imaginative melodic death metal of the era. It’s that second album that we zoom in on with episode 69 of Radical Research, those luxurious curves of the band’s swansong, Mirrorworlds. Join us as we venture into the cosmic sphere and greet immortality. 

Note I:
Contributed by Radical Research listener Chris Warunki, you can read a Eucharist interview from 2016 right here:  http://radicalresearch.org/eucharist-interview-circa-march-2016/

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Music cited, in order of appearance:
“Wounded and Alone” (W.A.R. Compilation, 1995)
“The Predictable End” (W.A.R. Compilation, 1995)
“Mirrorworld” (Mirrorworlds, 1997)
“Dissolving” (Mirrorworlds, 1997)
“With the Sun” (Mirrorworlds, 1997)
“The Eucharist” (Mirrorworlds, 1997)
“Demons” (Mirrorworlds, 1997)
“Fallen” (Mirrorworlds, 1997)
“In Nakedness” (Mirrorworlds, 1997)
“Bloodred Stars” (Mirrorworlds, 1997)
Episode 70 preview: Solefald, “Mont Blanc Providence Crow” (In Harmonia Universali, 2003)

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