Episode 6: Band in the Trees — Among the Ruins of Die Kreuzen

Episode 6: Band in the Trees — Among the Ruins of Die Kreuzen

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 6: Band in the Trees -- Among the Ruins of Die Kreuzen

Band in the Trees: Among the Ruins of Die Kreuzen

Episode 6 of Radical Research finds your intrepid hosts deep-diving into the discography of Milwaukee’s cult heroes, Die Kreuzen. Over the span of a decade, Die Kreuzen created four records that propose a hostile challenge to easy categorization. Their discography tests the boundaries of punk and metal and accounts for one of the most fascinating morphologies in all of rock music. As always, we invite you to join us in our immersion and wander the ruins of Die Kreuzen.

Note I: The band’s Gone Away EP (1989) is given the hushed-tone treatment. Though we prefer physical media, the iTunes version also includes the Germs and Wire covers we discuss. So does the long out-of-print 1990 CD version. Here’s the salient point: buy this music. RR is not a forum for sanctimony, but the artists who sweat and bleed for the music we love deserve remuneration for their toil.

Note II: Guitarist Brian Egeness left the band on April 1, 1992, resulting in what is possibly the saddest April Fool’s day ever.

Note III: Jeff mentions admiration for ‘70s Aerosmith in this episode, and how “terrible” the later stuff is. For the record, we both place 1982’s Rock in a Hard Place in the upper echelon of great Aerosmith albums. Done With Mirrors (1984) is merely mediocre. After that it gets ugly.

Music cited, in order of appearance:
“Fighting” (Die Kreuzen, 1984) (full song)
“Live Wire” (Die Kreuzen, 1984)
“All White” (Die Kreuzen, 1984)
“Man in the Trees” (October File, 1986)
“It’s Been So Long” (October File, 1986)
“Among the Ruins” (October File, 1986)
“Elizabeth” (Century Days, 1988)
“The Bone” (Century Days, 1988)
“Number Three” (Century Days, 1988)
“Gone Away” (Gone Away EP, 1989) (two parts)
“Land of Treason” (Pink Flag/Land of Treason 7”, 1990)
“Wish” (Cement, 1991)
“Deep Space” (Cement, 1991)
“Over and the Edge” (Cement, 1991)
“Halloween” (Century Days, 1988)
“Rumors” (Die Kreuzen, 1984)

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