Episode 59 – At the Oxiplegatz: The Episode Nobody Wanted

Episode 59 – At the Oxiplegatz: The Episode Nobody Wanted

Radical Research Podcast
Episode 59 - At the Oxiplegatz: The Episode Nobody Wanted

Even in the bizarro wilderness of Radical Research, Alf Svensson’s Oxiplegatz stands out in its peerless freakishness. A founding member of the epochal Swedish death metal band, At the Gates, Svensson used Oxiplegatz as a conduit for his most perverse cosmic fantasies. Built on a chassis of mangled guitar harmonies, “machine drums,” and an operatic battery of vocal styles, Oxiplegatz’s music defies even the most liberal definitions of “metal.” What results is some of the most personal heavy music ever to be committed to tape, produced and packaged with do-it-yourself, idiosyncratic love. If you value artistic bravery and the defiance of convention, we invite you to join us on this positively sidereal journey.

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Music cited, in order of appearance:
“Starseed” (Fairytales, 1994)
“His Time Has Come” (Fairytales, 1994)
“Dark Millennium (There Shall Never Be Another Dawn)” (Fairytales, 1994)
“Adrift” (Fairytales, 1994)
“Oh No” (Fairytales, 1994)
“Battle of Species” (Worlds and Worlds, 1996)
“Graveyard Dream” (Worlds and Worlds, 1996)
“Usurpers” (Worlds and Worlds, 1996)
“The End is Nigh” (Worlds and Worlds, 1996)
“Abandon Earth” (Worlds and Worlds, 1996)
“A Black Hole is Swallowing the Sun” (Sidereal Journey, 1998)
“They Learned of Its Existence” (Sidereal Journey, 1998)
“Head for That Star” (Sidereal Journey, 1998)
“As One Surveys This Ocean” (Sidereal Journey, 1998)
“Turning Up the Power, Accelerating Again” (Sidereal Journey, 1998)
“This Time Passage Was Violent” (Sidereal Journey, 1998)
ep. 60 preview: Helios Creed, “Road Out of Hell“ (The Last Laugh, 1989)

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