Episode 58 – Let’s Necromance! Ripping Off Rush With Love

Episode 58 – Let’s Necromance! Ripping Off Rush With Love

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 58 - Let's Necromance! Ripping Off Rush With Love

If the wild, transcendent music we exalt were a cluttered yet beautifully arrayed galaxy, the artists making that music would be planets and Rush would be its sun. So much of what ticks off all the right boxes for us is inherent in the music of the legendary Canadian trio. We can’t imagine life without Rush, and realize we’re hardly alone in our fealty. This episode, we explore 15 snippets proving the thread of Rush runs deeply within the molten cores of its orbiting planets. These 15 are only several of numerous examples we could have chosen. We will likely make this a semi-regular feature, as the mood strikes.

Note I:
This idea was originated by Radical Research listener/supporter Rob Noe. We asked other listeners to offer their suggestions, many of which are included in this episode. We can’t thank our RR brethren enough…it’s good to know we are hardly alone in this strange universe of ours!

Note II:
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Music cited, in order of appearance:
Atheist, “Unquestionable Presence” (Unquestionable Presence, 1991)
Manilla Road, “Mark of the Beast” (Dreams of Eschaton, 1981, unreleased album — issued in 2002 as Mark of the Beast)
Watchtower, “The Fall of Reason” (Control and Resistance, 1989)
Realm, “Eminence” (Endless War, 1988)
Thought Industry – “Alien and Pure” (Short Wave on a Cold Day, 2001)
Cardiacs – “Leaf Scrapings” (The Special Garage Concerts, 2005)
Dream Theater, “The Looking Glass” (Dream Theater, 2013)
Sieges Even, “Tangerine Windows of Solace VI. Disintegration of Lasting Hope” (Steps, 1990)
Loudness, “Butterfly” (Disillusion, 1983)
Winterhawk, “Revival” (Revival, 1982)
Toxik, “Technical Arrogance” (Think This, 1989)
Dan Swano, “Encounterparts” (Moontower, 1998)
Witherscape, “Astrid Falls” (The Inheritance, 2013)
Death, “Perennial Quest” (Symbolic, 1995)
Riot, “Racing With the Devil on a Spanish Highway” (1990, The Privilege of Power)
episode 59 preview: Oxiplegatz, “Northern Stars” (Fairytales, 1994)

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