Episode 48 – Vaffel House of Kicks: The Works of Albino Slug

Episode 48 – Vaffel House of Kicks: The Works of Albino Slug

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 48 - Vaffel House of Kicks: The Works of Albino Slug

For the second time in a matter of months, your intrepid hosts find themselves in the frosty arms of Trondheim, Norway, this time to investigate the world of the frustratingly private Albino Slug. Known to few but adored by those who do, Albino Slug’s legacy hinges on two, confounding slices of avant-rock and metal. From Melvins-doom to musique concrete, Albino Slug operates, as you will hear, in a universe of its own making. Denied its 15 minutes, even in the prime of its career, Radical Research is looking to set things straight, shining a spotlight on this band’s intensely personal relationship with heavy music. Defy the bigotry of those who’ve come before you and embrace the fascinating weirdness of Norway’s most unsung sons.

Note 1: Shout out to Lasse Marhaug, a celebrated experimental artist in his own right, for his invaluable insight and intel. Were it not for him, this episode would have been far more speculative. Thank you also to Veiko Rebane and Tom Clark!

Note II:
We didn’t even reveal most of the names of those behind Albino Slug during the episode. Those are: Ove Hjelvik; Audun Eriksen; Mats Ivar Takle; Asgeir Rekkavik; Morten Fagervik. Thank you for your service!

Note III:
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CORRECTION: Jeff noted the title “Hnrr 8″…it’s actually “Knrr 8.” Old habits die hard. We still don’t know its meaning.

Music cited, in order of appearance:
“Knrr 8” (Albino Slug, 1993)
“Thorbud” (Albino Slug, 1993)
“Du Må Ikke Sove” (Albino Slug, 1993)
“Bring Water / Skinner Boxed (The Wavering Solipsist)” (Albino Slug, 1993)
“Vaffel” (Albino Slug, 1993)
“Bleeding” (Albino Slug, 1993)
“Paradise Regained” (two passages) (Albino Slug, 1993)
“Barabbas” (three passages) (Barabbas, 1994)
episode 49 preview: Nuclear Death, “Spawn Song” (Carrion for Worm, 1992)

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This is Radical Research Podcast episode 48.