Episode 39 – In The Woods… Family Tree

Episode 39 – In The Woods… Family Tree

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Episode 39 - In The Woods... Family Tree

Greetings from the nativity. This podcast began as an examination of the vast and nebulous frontier of Norwegian post-black metal. In that spirit, episode 39 of Radical Research probes the tentacles of the In the Woods… diaspora and gives an ear to Drawn, Stille Opprör, Naervaer, Transit, and Green Carnation. These artists give light to the polyglot transmissions from the distant North and reveal the flexible expressions of Norway’s most progressive artists. As always, we invite you along on this journey into the deep regions of recorded sound.

Note I:
There are yet more branches of the ITW tree that we didn’t focus on, including Animal Alpha and Soxpan. Members have also played in more well-known names such as Carpathian Forest, Manes and Atrox.

Note II:
How do we address the fact of this new In the Woods…, the one that returned around 2015 featuring the Botteri brothers (bass, guitar) and Anders Kobro on drums, and a vocalist that is not Jan Kenneth Transeth, and the one that now only features Kobro from the original lineup?!? We steer clear. Our In the Woods… is 1993-2000. We have difficulty enjoying or identifying with the current iteration.

Note III:
We love the fact that In the Woods…/Drawn/ Stille Opprör man Christer-André  Cederberg was a de facto member of Anathema on their Weather Systems and Distant Satellites albums.

Note IV:
“Naervaer” = “Presence”

Note V:
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Anders Kobro DOES play on Green Carnation’s The Quiet Offspring.

Music cited, in order of appearance:
Green Carnation, “My Dark Reflections of Life and Death” (Journey to the End of the Night, 2000)

Green Carnation, “Light of Day, Day of Darkness” (Light of Day, Day of Darkness, 2001)

Green Carnation, “Purple Door, Pitch Black” (The Quiet Offspring, 2005)

Stille Opprör, “L Tune” (S.o2, 2008)

Stille Opprör, “Reconnect” (S.o2, 2008)

Naervaer, “To Plan” (Skiftninger, 2001)

Naervaer, “En Som…” (To Magic… compilation, 2000)

Transit, “Bleed on Me“ (Decent Man on a Desperate Moon, 2008)

Transit, “You and Me and Then Some” (Decent Man on a Desperate Moon, 2008)

Drawn, “This is My Day” (Plan Be, 1998)

Drawn, “Rivawella Form“ (A New World?, 1999)

Drawn, “A-Scape“ (A New World?, 1999)

episode 40 preview: Gorgoroth, “Will to Power“ (Incipit Satan, 2000)

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This is Radical Research Podcast episode 39.