Episode 37 – Listen With the Lights Off: Devil Doll 1989-1996

Episode 37 – Listen With the Lights Off: Devil Doll 1989-1996

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 37 - Listen With the Lights Off: Devil Doll 1989-1996

Writing about Devil Doll is like skating about horticulture. Led by the deeply enigmatic Mr. Doctor, and purposely shrouded in the thickest mystery, Devil Doll’s music disappoints even the keenest taxonomist. Experimenting with metal, classical, and progressive rock, Mr. Doctor and his revolving cast of collaborators created large-scale, spell-binding masterpieces that, really, are without peer. Left with far more questions than answers, we nonetheless go forth stubbornly on a mission into the nocturnal dreamworld of Devil Doll. We make no promises but ask that you gird your loins and join us on this, the 37th episode of Radical Research.

Note I:
Mr. Doctor, aka Mario Panciera, wrote and published a book on 7” singles from the UK & Ireland circa 1976-1979. It’s called 45 Revolutions, and you can find out more here: http://www.45worlds.com/book/title/45-revolutions-1976-1979

Note II:
After this episode went public, listener and noted album cover artist Eliran Kantor helped us solve a mystery discussed in this episode. He makes an excellent point! Eliran says: “One mystery I think can be easily solved about Devil Doll: you guys asked how such a lush orchestral production could be financed by an unknown musician. I think recording and recruiting in Yugoslavia might be your answer. Even today, the average wage in Croatia (just picking that one since DD had at least one Croatian musician) is 1/2 of that in Italy.”

Note III:
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Music cited, in order of appearance
“The Girl Who Was…Death” (two passages) (The Girl Who Was…Death, 1989)
“Mr. Doctor” (Eliogabalus, 1990)
“Eliogabalus” (Eliogabalus, 1990)
“Sacrilegium” (two passages) (Sacrilegium, 1992)
“The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms” (The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms, 1993)
“Dies Irae” (two passages) (Dies Irae, 1996)
episode 38 preview: Kayo Dot, “The Something Opal” (Blasphemy, 2019)

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This is Radical Research Podcast episode 37.