Episode 30 – Thank You, Uwe Osterlehner! Deathrow’s Deception Ignored

Episode 30 – Thank You, Uwe Osterlehner! Deathrow’s Deception Ignored

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Episode 30 - Thank You, Uwe Osterlehner! Deathrow's Deception Ignored

We here at Radical Research like a good departure. Whether that means the beginning of a vacation or the sixth Journey record, departures are just good for the soul. And so goes the third record by Germany’s Deathrow, Deception Ignored, which constitutes a break from the band’s heaving thrash origins and a migration to technically-advanced thrash territory. This episode celebrates the evolution of the Düsseldorf-based quartet and highlights some of D.I.’s most exciting and alarming moments, such as the instrumental high water mark, “Triocton.” Join us on our deep dive into the recesses of tech-thrash history.

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Note II:
Just like the good ol’ days of RadRe, lots of tangents here: Destruction, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Holy Terror, Kreator, Blind Illusion…it’s gonna happen when we’re talking Deathrow ’88.

Note III:
Markus and Sven of Deathrow are on record as disliking Deception Ignored. We respectfully completely disagree with their view.

Music cited, in order of appearance:
“Bureaucrazy” (Deception Ignored bonus track, 1988)
“Slaughtered” (Satan’s Gift aka Riders of Doom, 1986)
“Mortal Dread” (Raging Steel, 1987)
“Events in Concealment” (Deception Ignored, 1988)
“The Deathwish” (Deception Ignored, 1988)
“Triocton” (Deception Ignored, 1988)
“N.L.Y.H.” (Deception Ignored, 1988)
“Watching the World” (Deception Ignored, 1988)
“Narcotic” (Deception Ignored, 1988)
“Machinery” (Deception Ignored, 1988)
“Life Beyond“ (Life Beyond, 1992)
episode 30 preview: Van Der Graaf Generator, “Cat’s Eye / Yellow Fever (Running)” (The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome, 1977)

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This is Radical Research Podcast episode 30