Episode 12 – Out There: The Works of Mind Over Four

Episode 12 – Out There: The Works of Mind Over Four

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Episode 12 - Out There: The Works of Mind Over Four

For our 12th installment, your intrepid hosts sift through time and dust in search of Orange County’s Mind Over Four. Bridging an unknown gulf between cutting edge alternative rock and hyperkinetic tech/prog metal, Mind Over Four was poised for a breakthrough to the mainstream. But the stars never aligned and Mind Over Four has mostly been forgotten. Radical Research celebrates the timelessness and innovation of the band’s first four albums and invites you to play Dante to our Virgil as we navigate the barriers and passages of Mind Over Four.

Note I: If you like Mind Over Four, then “like” this: https://www.facebook.com/MindOverFour/

Note II: The snippet of “Ogre Battle” that closes this episode is from a 1990 record label sampler (The Goddess era). The beginning is clearly not from the Queen song — it’s the first emanations of “Phobos Y Damos,” which appeared half a decade later, on 1995’s divisive and career-capping Empty Hands. We find this all very interesting.

Note III: For the Radical Research trainspotters: we mention an EKG monitor sound in MO4’s 1987 song, “Martin’s Song.” We also mention use of the same sound effect back in Episode 7, in My Dying Bride’s “The Whore, the Cook and the Mother.” Bonus points: once again, count the Voivod references.

Note IV: Is this a tongue-twister? “Hunter Totally Tunes Roto Toms Too Tight”

Pat Dubar comes up in this conversation. Jeff incorrectly mentions he is from the band Youth of Today, but that’s incorrect. Pat was in Uniform Choice. The only thing Jeff got right was that he was in a straight edge band. You can’t count on Radical Research for off-the-cuff references about straight edge hardcore, folks. But hey, don’t worry about it, have a beer and keep moving!

Music cited, in order of appearance:
“Vernal Equinox” (demo, year unknown, probably 1987-88)
“She Beams the Light” (Out Here, 1987)
“God” (Out Here, 1987)
“Pity” (Out Here, 1987)
“Social Stature” (Mind Over Four, 1989)
“Messiah” (Mind Over Four, 1989)
“The Black Orgasm” (Mind Over Four, 1989)
“Prayer for the Dying” (The Goddess, 1990)
“Gemini” (The Goddess, 1990)
“Airplanes” (The Goddess, 1990)
“My Name is Nothing” (Half Way Down, 1993)
“Jack the Throne” (Half Way Down, 1993)
“Conscience of a Nation” (Half Way Down, 1993)
“Retarded” (Empty Hands, 1995)
“Paralyzed” (Empty Hands, 1995)
“Ogre Battle” (On the Nineties Tip – Hear and Now, Caroline Sampler, 1990)
Episode 13 preview: Danzig – “Possession” (Danzig, 1988)

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