Episode 115.5 – Permeable Lines, Part 2

Episode 115.5 – Permeable Lines, Part 2

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 115.5 - Permeable Lines, Part 2

Our second in the Permeable Lines series, and our first point-5 episode since 83.5 nearly two years ago! That enough numbers for you? Join us for a brief dust-up between inspiration and rip-off. You decide. (More numbers: “18 is actually 9…it stuck in his mind….”)

Note I:

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Note III:

Let’s take stock. These are our other .5 episodes thus far. Mini-episodes, if you will. Great for late-night Radical snackin’!

Metal Laughs, 83.5 (8 min, 13 sec)

Mystery Snippets Part 2, 41.5 (13 min, 51 sec)

Mystery Snippets, 23.5 (9 min, 28 sec)
Riff Similarities (Permeable Lines), 17.5 (10 min, 59 sec)

The Kiss/Nuclear Death Convergence, 5.5 (7 min, 10 sec)

Music cited in order of appearance:

Mercyful Fate, “A Dangerous Meeting” (Don’t Break the Oath, 1984)

Megadeth, “Return to Hangar” (The World Needs a Hero, 2001)

Diamond Head, “Am I Evil?” (Lightning to the Nations, 1980)

Megadeth, “When” (The World Needs a Hero, 2001)

Testament, “Over the Wall” (The Legacy, 1987)

Sieges Even, “Apocalyptic Disposition” (Lifecycle, 1988)

Pestilence, “Out of the Body” (Consuming Impulse, 1989)
Suffocation, “Infecting the Crypts” (Human Waste, 1991)

Radical Research is a conversation about the inner- and outer-reaches of rock and metal music. This podcast is conceived and conducted by Jeff Wagner and Hunter Ginn. Though we consume music in a variety of ways, we give particular privilege to the immersive, full-album listening experience. Likewise, we believe that tangible music formats help provide the richest, most rewarding immersions and that music, artwork, and song titles cooperate to produce a singular effect on the listener. Great music is worth more than we ever pay for it.