Episode 106 — New Metal Massacre: Horrendous, Afterbirth, Laster & Vemod

Episode 106 — New Metal Massacre: Horrendous, Afterbirth, Laster & Vemod

Radical Research Podcast
Episode 106 -- New Metal Massacre: Horrendous, Afterbirth, Laster & Vemod

We tend to skew toward the past in our explorations with Radical Research, uncovering sounds we feel are overlooked and/or underrated. We’re breaking our usual time travel approach and focusing solely on some new metal music that thrilled us in 2023 and one very fresh entry for 2024. It’s not 1986 or 1991 anymore, obviously, but 2023 was a great year for new music, metal and otherwise. Herein, we delve into the greatness that is Ontological Mysterium (Horrendous), In But Not Of (Afterbirth), Andermans Mijne (Laster), and The Deepening (Vemod). Metal lives? Metal lives!!!

Note I:

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Music cited in order of appearance:

Horrendous, “Neon Leviathan” (Ontological Mysterium, 2023)

Horrendous, “Preterition Hymn” (Ontological Mysterium, 2023)

Horrendous, “Exeg(en)esis” (Ontological Mysterium, 2023)

Afterbirth, “Devils With Dead Eyes” (In But Not Of, 2023)
Afterbirth, “Vivisected Psychopomp” (In But Not Of, 2023) 

Afterbirth, “Hovering Human Head Drones” (In But Not Of, 2023)

Laster, “Poëtische Waarheid” (Andermans Mijne, 2023)
Laster, “Onzichtbare Muur” (Andermans Mijne, 2023)

Laster, “Doodgeboren” (Andermans Mijne, 2023)

Vemod, “Der Guder Dør” (The Deepening, 2024)
Vemod, “The Deepening” (The Deepening, 2024)

Ep. 107 preview: Tiamat, “Atlantis as a Lover” (A Deeper Kind of Slumber, 1997)

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