Episode 105 – We Are Intrigued! Steven Wilson Curates ‘Intrigue’ Compilation & We Dissect [Part 1 of 4]

Episode 105 – We Are Intrigued! Steven Wilson Curates ‘Intrigue’ Compilation & We Dissect [Part 1 of 4]

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Episode 105 – We Are Intrigued! Steven Wilson Curates ‘Intrigue’ Compilation & We Dissect [Part 1 of 4]

For Episode 105, Radical Research follows the lead of musical polyglot and overachiever, Steven Wilson. Inspired by Wilson’s recently-curated, Intrigue: Progressive Sounds in UK Alternative Music 1979-1989, this episode traces out the music found on the first disc of this four-volume edition, digging into such varied artists as Public Image Ltd., John Foxx, In Camera, and This Heat. This constitutes the first in a four-part series around Wilson’s collection, which we will revisit occasionally throughout 2024. Should you have any interest in the rich mosaic of the late 1970s/early 1980s UK underground, tune in, turn on, and experiment out. 

Note I:

As mentioned late in the episode, here is further reading on the Durutti Column’s sandpaper packaging of their Return of the Durutti Column album: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Return_of_the_Durutti_Column

Note II:

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Music cited in order of appearance:
intro: Peter Hammill, “Nobody’s Business” (Nadir’s Big Chance, 1975)

[all snippets in this episode are taken from the Intrigue compilation; the following indicates where the songs initially appeared]

Wire, “I Should Have Known Better” (154, 1979)

Bill Nelson’s Red Noise, “A Better Home in the Phantom Zone” (Sound on Sound, 1979)

Magazine, “Back to Nature” (Secondhand Daylight, 1979)

XTC, “Complicated Game” (Drums and Wires, 1979)
Public Image Ltd, “Careering” (Metal Box, 1979)
The Stranglers, “The Raven” (The Raven, 1979)
Punishment of Luxury, “Puppet Life” (Puppet Life 7”, 1979)
Ultravox, “Astradyne” (Vienna, 1980)

Gang of Four, “Contract” (Entertainment!, 1979)

Simple Minds, “I Travel” (Empires and Dance, 1980)

The Durutti Column, “Sketch for Summer” (The Return of the Durutti Column, 1980)

This Heat, “Health and Efficiency” (Health and Efficiency [EP], 1980)

John Foxx, “Burning Car” (Burning Car 7”, 1980) Robert Fripp and the League of Gentlemen, “Cognitive Dissonance” (The League of Gentlemen, 1981)
In Camera, “The Fatal Day” (Fin [EP], 1982)

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