Episode 104 – Diskord 2007-2021: Architectonic Death

Episode 104 – Diskord 2007-2021: Architectonic Death

Radical Research Podcast
Episode 104 - Diskord 2007-2021: Architectonic Death

As is so often the case, Radical Research, for its 104th episode, finds itself in Norway, only this time to investigate the psycho-necrotic brutality of Oslo’s Diskord. At once garage-y, asymmetric, and morbid, Diskord hawks death-wares that invite listeners to stroll through the hallways of the weird metal madhouse. Only death and Norway are real.

Note I:

Thanks to Tim Hammond for the Oscillations mp3s. We only had the vinyl and no digital version, and we knew who to turn to. Thanks Tim, you are a fucking champ!

Note II:

Wagner was thinking “Funebrarum” but said “Encoffination.” Please forgive a mind way too filled up with this otherworldly nonsense. Thank you. The point still stands, re: the rise of Funebarum and other similar combos in early Incantation mode around 2007.

Note III:

Wagner and Ginn are both huge fans of Autopsy up to and including Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves (2014). In fact, both, weirdly, believe that album to be the best of Era II Autopsy. Things after that are fine if all you want is more of that. But we wanted more than that. But goddamn we love the fuck out of Autopsy. Fiend for Blood FTW.

Note IV:

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Music cited in order of appearance:
“Pervasive Discreetness” (Doomscapes, 2007)

“Reptilian Ancestry” (Doomscapes, 2007)

“Instauration” (Doomscapes, 2007)

“Overseer” (Dystopics, 2012)

“Psychotic Process” (Dystopics, 2012)

“Rambling Words from a Sore Throat” (Dystopics, 2012)

“Horrid Engine” (Oscillations, 2014)

“Hermit Dream” (Oscillations, 2014)

“Loitering in the Portal” (Degenerations, 2021)

“Dragged for Coronation” (Degenerations, 2021)

“Gnashing” (Degenerations, 2021)

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