Episode 101 – Ambulance Chasing: Ulver’s ‘Blood Inside’

Episode 101 – Ambulance Chasing: Ulver’s ‘Blood Inside’

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 101 - Ambulance Chasing: Ulver's 'Blood Inside'

After several years of perdition, silence, and melancholy, Oslo’s Ulver, a totem of the Radical Research faith, released, in 2005, its sixth full-length album, the manic and panicked Blood Inside. The album has inspired divisive opinions and obsessive worship. Its nine songs come together like a house of mirrors, where every lunatic fantasy, every fear, every shameful ecstasy, is reflected and refracted back into the listener’s ears. Radical Research takes a firm position in defense of the album’s genius. 

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Music cited in order of appearance:

“Not Saved” (Silencing the Singing, 2001)

“Surface” (Svidd Neger, 2003)
“Doom Sticks” (A Quick Fix of Melancholy, 2003)
“Dressed in Black” (Blood Inside, 2005)

“For the Love of God” (Blood Inside, 2005)

“Christmas” (Blood Inside, 2005)

“Blinded by Blood” (Blood Inside, 2005)

“It Is Not Sound” (Blood Inside, 2005)

“The Truth” (Blood Inside, 2005)

“In the Red” (Blood Inside, 2005)

“Your Call” (Blood Inside, 2005)

“Operator” (Blood Inside, 2005)


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