Episode 100 – VOIVOD is the Engine That Powers Us

Episode 100 – VOIVOD is the Engine That Powers Us

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 100 - VOIVOD is the Engine That Powers Us

2023 marks the 40th anniversary of Voivod, a band that are at the very heart of everything we do at Radical Research and everything we listen to as incorrigible music obsessives. In celebration, Voivod released Morgoth Tales, which finds the Mark V lineup (Snake, Away, Chewy, Rocky) covering songs from various past eras. For ourselves, we pay tribute by offering our longest and most in-depth episode yet, while also celebrating a landmark of our own. We invite all chaosmongers, nothingfaces, cockroaches and diehards across the schizophere to join us in celebration of the one, the only, the eternal VOIVOD!!!

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Music cited in order of appearance:
[all Voivod except where otherwise noted]
intros from War and Pain, Killing Technology, Angel Rat, The Wake
“Experiment” (Dimension Hatröss, 1988)
“Blower” (War and Pain, 1984)
“Ripping Headaches” (Rrröööaaarrr, 1986)
Carnivore, “Carnivore” (Carnivore, 1985)
“Forgotten in Space” (Killing Technology, 1987)
Cave In, “Decay of the Delay” (Jupiter, 2000)
“Cockroaches” (Killing Technology, 1987)
“Psychic Vaccum” (Dimension Hatröss, 1988)
“Brain Scan” (Dimension Hatröss, 1988)

Wartech, “Virtual Reality” (demo 1991)
“Missing Sequences” (Nothingface, 1989)
“Into My Hypercube” (Nothingface, 1989)
“Inner Combustion” (Nothingface, 1989)
King Crimson, “Larks’ Tongues in Aspic, Part Two” (Larks’ Tongues in Aspic, 1973)
“Nuage Fractal” (Angel Rat, 1991)
Alchemist, “Escape from the Black Hole” (Organasm, 2000)
“Clouds in My House” (Angel Rat, 1991)
Die Kreuzen, “Best Goodbye” (Cement, 1991)
“Best Regards” (Angel Rat, 1991)
“Freedoom” (Angel Rat, 1991)
“Horror” (Rrröööaaarrr, 1986)
Rush, “Natural Science” (Permanent Waves, 1980)
Van Der Graaf Generator, “Man-Erg” (Pawn Hearts, 1971)
“Moonbeam Rider” (The Outer Limits, 1993)
“Time Warp” (The Outer Limits, 1993)
“Phobos” (Phobos, 1997)
“Temps Mort” (Phobos, 1997)
“Neutrino” (Phobos, 1997)
“Aware” (demo for unrealized 10th album, 2000)
“Facing Up” (Voivod, 2003)
“Divine Sun” (Voivod, 2003)
“Polaroids” (Katorz, 2006)
“Corps Etranger” (Target Earth, 2013) “Iconspiracy” (The Wake, 2018)
“Always Moving” (The Wake, 2018)
“Quest for Nothing” (Synchro Anarchy, 2022)

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