The Fried Egg Sandwich

The Fried Egg Sandwich

As promised in our Episode 3 entr’acte, Wagner and Ginn offer their recipes for the traditional fried egg sandwich.

Jeff’s Fried Egg Sandwich Specs

Two slices soft, enriched white bread. Normally the stuff isn’t recommended, but in this case, Wonder or Sunbeam does the trick. Must be soft!
One (or two) cage-free eggs. Factory-chicken eggs are the pits.
Vegenaise (or mayonnaise of choice)

optional: one crisp leaf of iceberg lettuce, best in a 2-egg sandwich, placed between the two eggs for bonus texture.

the process: Fry egg in butter. Do not puncture yolk yet. After the flip, puncture yolk in two spots and lift out of pan once yolk is somewhere between runny and hard. Salt and pepper egg to taste. I prefer a lot of black pepper. Place between two fresh slices of bread spread generously with Vegenaise. Eat with reverence and gusto.

Hunter’s Fried Egg Sandwich Specs

Extra-soft white bread (preferably Sunbeam)
Two soft fried eggs heavily seasoned on one side with salt and pepper
A generous, but not-too-generous spread of Duke’s (MUST be Duke’s!) mayo

Best addition:

Spicy country sausage patty

Other potential additions:

Thin, crispy bacon
One slice American cheese (chosen for its viscosity and even melting)

But, really, you need nothing more than the bread, eggs, mayo, and salt and pepper.

Happy tummy time!