Episode 86 — The Forrest Pitts Takeover!

Episode 86 — The Forrest Pitts Takeover!

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 86 -- The Forrest Pitts Takeover!

We know many Radical Research listeners partake in music we’re not totally familiar with. As much weird/left-field/inventive rock/metal as we digest or are aware of, there’s so much more that we have no experience with. Thus, we invited listeners to submit samples of an artist, or multiple artists, they’re certain we have no familiarity with. So it is that Mr. Forrest Pitts — writer, thinker, dreamer, master of disaster, headspinner general – fucked with our heads this entire episode. Five snippets each by three different artists. We had a blast, and think you’ll find this a rather fresh and unusual episode. Come with us!

Note I:

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Music cited, in order of appearance:

We will refer you to the end of the episode, where all will be revealed. We hope you’ll come on this mystery train with us.

We highly recommend the first and third band. Forrest made us fans. Thank you, Forrest.

We close with a snippet of a version of Yes classic, “Roundabout,” played by the Wrigley Field organist in Chicago June 4, 2022, before the game began. A field recording by Jeff Wagner.

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