Episode 81 – Dave Murray, Drummer! (Traun, Estradasphere, Tholus, Sculptured)

Episode 81 – Dave Murray, Drummer! (Traun, Estradasphere, Tholus, Sculptured)

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Episode 81 - Dave Murray, Drummer! (Traun, Estradasphere, Tholus, Sculptured)

How California-based drummer, Dave Murray, has escaped the notice of several more tens of thousands of people worldwide, we cannot say. We recognize an extraordinary talent in Murray, not only as a musician, but as a composer and crucial cog in a small but rarefied selection of projects. In our 81st episode, we try our best to give Murray his due. You can do your job by lending an ear to our musings and ramblings, and then, if you’re so moved, opening your wallet to support his work if you have not already done so.

Note I:
There’s no excuse for not clicking these links and buying/supporting these projects:

Tholus, Constant:


Traun, Bandcamp:


Note II:

Dave’s also in a band called High Castle Teleorkestra. We have yet to explore, but you know we will sooner than later.

Note III:

This episode has a few peculiar diversions, tangents and surprises. First, we really do want to release a Coroner 10” on Radical Research Records one day, as well as the first-ever physical manifestations of Traun’s works. We also stump/surprise ourselves with the parallels revealed between Traun’s “The Uncompromising Blizzard” and Tholus’s “Involuntary” (and then even later in Traun’s “Brig to Nowhere”). Finally, not having a plan for episode 82, we map out the next four episodes on the spot. So now you know which ones to skip and which ones to listen to. (We hope you check all of them out.)

Note IV:

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Music cited, in order of appearance:

Estradasphere, “The Bounty Hunter” (Buck Fever, 2001)
Estradasphere, “Millennium Child” (Buck Fever, 2001)

Tholus, “Protocultures” (Constant, 2007)

Tholus, “Involuntary” (Constant, 2007)

Tholus, “Speculum of the New Race” (Constant, 2007)

Sculptured, “Taking My Body Apart” (Embodiment, 2008)

Traun, “Escape from the Crystal Caverns” (Part III: The Lilac Moon, 2003)

Traun, “The Uncompromising Blizzard” (Part III: The Lilac Moon, 2003)

Traun, “Inn of the Dreaded Hippie” (The Lilac Moon, 2017)

Traun, “Brig to Nowhere” (The Lilac Moon, 2017)

Traun, “An Undisclosed Location” (The Black Metal Princess, 2017)

Traun, “The Terrace Computer” (The Black Metal Princess, 2017)

Traun, “Making Haste” (Escape from Spa 9, 2017)

Traun, “Mayor of Ghost Town” (Escape from Spa 9, 2017)

Traun, “Escape from Spa 9” (Escape from Spa 9, 2017)

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