Episode 76 – Ulver’s Kristoffer Rygg Outside the Wolf Pack

Episode 76 – Ulver’s Kristoffer Rygg Outside the Wolf Pack

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 76 - Ulver's Kristoffer Rygg Outside the Wolf Pack

We know and love him as Garm, the frontman in Ulver since that pioneering band’s very beginnings. He has also fronted Norwegian luminaries Arcturus and Borknagar. All this alone would be enough to place him in our hall of infamy, yet he has given so much more. Through a variety of cameos and side projects, Garm, or Kristoffer Rygg, or Trickster G, has stamped his white-hot brand on a variety of other artists, within and outside of Norway. In this episode, we listen to some of his contributions outside of Ulver…and be assured, there will likely be a second part of this episode somewhere down our long and winding road.

Note I:
Other artists Rygg has performed guest vocals for: Ava Inferi, Dimmu Borgir, Gehenna, Nidingr, Obsidian Kingdom, V:28, Zyklon.

Note II:
We failed to note this during the episode, but The Gathering track featured, “A Life All Mine,” is split into two moments. Hence the odd sounding edit.

Note III:
Next episode, we nerd out hard on Wobbler. Join us.

Note IV:
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Music cited, in order of appearance:

Borknagar, “The Winterway” (The Olden Domain, 1997)
Borknagar, “Fandens Allheim” (Borknagar, 1996)
Virus, “Call of The Tuskers” (The Agent That Shapes the Desert, 2011)
Solefald, “Loki Trickster God” (Black for Death: An Icelandic Odyssey Part II, 2006)
Fleurety, “Last-Minute Lies” (Department of Apocalyptic Affairs, 2000)
The Gathering, “A Life All Mine” (Souvenirs, 2003)
Head Control System, “Skin Flick” (Murder Nature, 2006)
Head Control System, “It Hurts” (Murder Nature, 2006)
Ihsahn, “Homecoming” (The Adversary, 2006)
Arcturus, “Alone” (La Masquerade Infernale, 1997)
Arcturus, “Raudt Og Svart” (Constellation, 1994)

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