Episode 74 – In The Woods… In The Weeds… 1993-2000

Episode 74 – In The Woods… In The Weeds… 1993-2000

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 74 - In The Woods... In The Weeds... 1993-2000

In our 39th episode, we explored the family tree of Kristiansand, Norway collective In the Woods… Here, in our 74th episode, we go straight to the source to explore and exalt the work of In the Woods…, proper, between 1993 and 2000. Over the span of three full-length albums and a series of 7″ singles, In the Woods… set about documenting the bucolic wonders of its homeland, charting astral voyages, and plotting out brave, new psychic territories. We, again, travel northward in search of mystery and revelation and find both illuminated by the psychedelic musings of Kristiansand’s bravest cartographers. Come, meet us on the floor between our room and the comets…

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Music cited, in order of appearance:
“Tell de Døde” (Isle of Men demo, 1993)
“Creations of an Ancient Shape” (Isle of Men demo, 1993)
“Yearning the Seeds of a New Dimension” (Heart of the Ages, 1995)
“In the Woods” (Heart of the Ages, 1995)
“Wotan’s Return” (Heart of the Ages, 1995)
“299 796 km/s” (Omnio, 1997)
“Weeping Willow” (Omnio, 1997)
“Omnio? – Bardo” (Omnio, 1997)
“Closing In” (Strange in Stereo, 1999)
“Vanish in the Absence of Virtue” (Strange in Stereo, 1999)
“Generally More Worried Than Married” (Strange in Stereo, 1999)
“Titan Transcendence” (Strange in Stereo, 1999)
“Soundtrax for Cycoz – 1st Ed.” (April 1999 recording)
“Epitaph” (Epitaph 7”, 2000)
“Karmakosmik” (Epitaph 7”, 2000)
“And All This (Child of Universal Tongue)” (1996 version) 

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