Episode 64 – Steve Hackett is the Wizard

Episode 64 – Steve Hackett is the Wizard

Radical Research Podcast
Episode 64 - Steve Hackett is the Wizard

No anniversaries, no deaths, no reissues, no birthdays, no arbitrary celebrations. This is Hackett for Hackett’s sake! Guitarist Steve Hackett is one of the most extraordinary musicians ever to wield the instrument. Herein we present a clutch of short, sharp shocks from the man’s prolific output, just a sampling of the curious magic he’s capable of. Hackett hacked to bits. Indulge!

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Music cited, in order of appearance:
Genesis, “The Return of the Giant Hogweed” (Live, 1973)
GTR, “Hackett to Bits” (GTR, 1986)
Steve Hackett, “Ace of Wands” (Voyage of the Acolyte, 1975)
Gordian Knot, “Muttersprache” (Emergent, 2003)
Squackett, “A Life Within a Day” (A Life Within a Day, 2012)
Steve Hackett, “Clocks – The Angel of Mons” (Spectral Mornings, 1979)
Genesis, “…In That Quiet Earth” (Wind & Wuthering, 1976)
Genesis, “Inside and Out” (Spot the Pigeon, 1977)
Gordian Knot, “Singing Deep Mountain” (Emergent, 2003)
Steve Hackett, “Spectral Mornings” (Spectral Mornings, 1979)
Ep. 65 preview: DVC, “Luminous Darkness“ (Descendant Upheaval, 1989)

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