Episode 63 – LunaTechSpiritGasm: Alchemist’s Cosmic Dramas

Episode 63 – LunaTechSpiritGasm: Alchemist’s Cosmic Dramas

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 63 - LunaTechSpiritGasm: Alchemist’s Cosmic Dramas

There is simply nothing like Alchemist. Active throughout the ‘90s and into the aughts until their dissolution in 2010, the Australian quartet offered severe heaviness embellished by insanely loopy guitar weirdness and pounding aboriginal rhythms. Their psychedelic metal flew largely under the radar, despite linking with Relapse Records in the second half of their career. Radical Research brings you 15 slices of lysergic Alchemetal in celebration of this most intriguing band. Thank you, Adam Agius, Rodney Holder, John Bray and Roy Torkington. Be there or be cubed.

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Music cited, in order of appearance:
“Beyond Genesis” (Spiritech, 1997)
“My Animated Truth” (Promo 94)
“Closed Chapter” (Promo 94)
“Chinese Whispers” (two moments) (Spiritech, 1997)
“Eve of the War” (Eve of the War, 1998)
“Austral Spectrum” (Organasm, 2000)
“Alpha Capella Nova Vega” (Austral Alien, 2003)
“Escapism” (demo, 1991)
“Abstraction” (Jar of Kingdom, 1993)
“Brumal: A View From Pluto” (Jar of Kingdom, 1993)
“Clot” (Lunasphere, 1995)
“Enhancing Enigma” (Jar of Kingdom, 1993)
“New Beginning” (Organasm, 2000)
“Spiritechnology” (Spiritech, 1997)
“Evolution Trilogy Part 2 – Rampant Micro Life” (Organasm, 2000)
Ep. 64 preview: GTR, “Hackett to Bits” (GTR, 1986)

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