Episode 61 – Face the Goat at Sunrise: Dødheimsgard 1995-2015

Episode 61 – Face the Goat at Sunrise: Dødheimsgard 1995-2015

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Episode 61 - Face the Goat at Sunrise: Dødheimsgard 1995-2015

Citizens of a scene that demands innovation and progress, Norway’s Dødheimsgard have assembled a body of work that evidences the evolutionary strides common to Norweird, but have nevertheless remained red in tooth and claw. Episode 61 provides a comprehensive survey of Dødheimsgard’s work, from the icy, elemental black metal of Kronet til Konge to the vast, unknowable psychic landscapes of A Umbra Omega. Over the span of their career, DHG has featured members of such luminary bands as Darkthrone, Fleurety, Ved Buens Ende, Strid, among many others, all galvanized by the leadership of the mysterious Vicotnik. The band’s work deserves celebration and study and, here, we make our best efforts at both.

Note I:
We note that Aldrahn appears on every Dødheimsgard album except Supervillain Outcast. While he’s not technically a full member in that era, he does lend additional vocals to “Foe x Foe” and “Ghostforce Soul Constrictor.”

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Music cited, in order of appearance:
“Å Slakte Gud” (Kronet Til Konge, 1995)
“Midnattskogens Sorte Kjerne” (Kronet Til Konge, 1995)
“The Crystal Specter” (Monumental Possession, 1996)
“The Ultimate Reflection” (Monumental Possession, 1996)
“Traces of Reality” (Satanic Art, 1998)
“Symptom” (Satanic Art, 1998)
“Final Conquest” (666 International, 1999)
“Completion” (666 International, 1999)
“The Vile Delinquents” (Supervillain Outcast, 2007)
“All Is Not Self” (Supervillain Outcast, 2007)
“Aphelion Void” (A Umbra Omega, 2015)
“Blue Moon Duel” (A Umbra Omega, 2015)
Ep. 62 preview: Voivod, “Astronomy Domine” (Nothingface, 1989)

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