Episode 60 – God It’s Great to Be Alive: Helios Creed 1985-1992

Episode 60 – God It’s Great to Be Alive: Helios Creed 1985-1992

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 60 - God It's Great to Be Alive: Helios Creed 1985-1992

We at Radical Research have made a habit of descending into the vortices of profound sound, but our adventures with the musical hijinks of Helios Creed make most other sojourns seem, by comparison, like empty gestures. On our 60th episode, we divest ourselves of empty words and, instead, dive headlong into the abysses of FX-saturated deep space sonix. From alien salutations to violet lactations, we invite you to join us on this most radical of research assignments.

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Music cited, in order of appearance:
“Un-Human Condition” (X-Rated Fairy Tales, 1985)
“X-Rated Fairytales” (X-Rated Fairy Tales, 1985)
“Superior Catholic Finger” (Superior Catholic Finger, 1989)
“Who Cares” (Superior Catholic Finger, 1989)
“Nirbasion Annasion” (The Last Laugh, 1989)
“Late Bloomer” (The Last Laugh, 1989)
“Master Blaster” (Boxing the Clown, 1990)
“Big Clown” (Boxing the Clown, 1990)
“The Radiated” (Lactating Purple, 1991)
“Amenti” (Lactating Purple, 1991)
“XL-35” (Kiss to the Brain, 1992)
“Kiss to the Brain” (Kiss to the Brain, 1992)
Ep. 61 preview: Dodheimsgard, “Regno Potiri” (666 International, 1999)

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