Episode 46 – For Knobs, For Wires, For Faders: Synth Whores II

Episode 46 – For Knobs, For Wires, For Faders: Synth Whores II

Radical Research Podcast
Episode 46 - For Knobs, For Wires, For Faders: Synth Whores II

Bust out the Purell and take a healthy dose of penicillin because the whores are back in town. On this special — and occasionally-recurring — episode of Radical Research, we stroll alongside a pornographic buffet of sumptuous synthesizer vibrations. For this globetrotting, sweaty-browed sojourn, we’ll travel from Wuppertal to Richmond to Reykjavik to Los Angeles and all points in between, in search of the scintillating, salacious, and sometimes surprisingly-subtle sounds of the synthesizer. Go ahead, turn out the lights, strap on the headphones, and live a little.

Note I:
Jeff brainfarted and called Wobbler’s 2017 album “From Somewhere to Silence.” It is, of course, called From Silence to Somewhere. And it is, indeed, one of the best progressive rock albums in decades.

Note II:
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Music cited, in order of appearance:
Hoelderlin, “Deathwatchbeetle” (Hoelderlin, 1975)
Ethos, “The Players (of the Game)” (Open Up, 1977)
Labradford, “Splash Down” (Prazision LP, 1993)
Tiamat, “Only in My Tears It Lasts” (A Deeper Kind of Slumber, 1997)
Chroma Key, “America the Video” (Dead Air for Radios, 1998)
Coil, “Red Birds Will Fly Out of the East and Destroy Paris in a Night” (Musick to Play in the Dark Vol. 1, 1999)
Bjork, “Pagan Poetry” (Vespertine, 2001)
Secret Chiefs 3, “Ritual of the Cup: Safina” (Book M, 2001)
Wobbler, “La Bealtaine” (Rites at Dawn, 2011)
Wobbler, “In Orbit” (Rites at Dawn, 2011)
Perfect Beings, “The Love Inside” (II, 2015)
episode 47 preview: Porcupine Tree, “The Nostalgia Factory” (On the Sunday of Life, 1992)

Radical Research is a conversation about the inner- and outer-reaches of rock and metal music. This podcast is conceived and conducted by Jeff Wagner and Hunter Ginn. Though we consume music in a variety of ways, we give particular privilege to the immersive, full-album listening experience. Likewise, we believe that tangible music formats help provide the richest, most rewarding immersions and that music, artwork, and song titles cooperate to produce a singular effect on the listener. Great music is worth more than we ever pay for it.

This is Radical Research Podcast episode 46.