Episode 4: Where the Weirdos are Dishing it Out – Disharmonic Orchestra

Episode 4: Where the Weirdos are Dishing it Out – Disharmonic Orchestra

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 4: Where the Weirdos are Dishing it Out - Disharmonic Orchestra

Episode 4 of Radical Research explores the surreal work of Austrian metalunatics, Disharmonic Orchestra.* Our conversation exposes the psychic tensions and psychedelic grottos of this extraordinary band, one whose music was ignored largely during its heyday and continues, for the most part, to be bereft of appreciation. From the gnashing death/grind of their early output to the strange emotions and nuanced geometry of their mature work, your hosts ask that you listen with perishing passion and immerse yourselves in the addicted seas of Disharmonic Orchestra.

Note I: D’Orch’s third album, Pleasuredome, was released by Steamhammer Records. This has Disharmonic Orchestra keeping unlikely company with Fozzy, Dokken, and Judas Priest. Truth is always stranger than fiction, folks.

Note II: According to the estimable Metal Archives, Austria has given the world 1,147 metal bands. Hunter was able to name 4 of them.

*D’Orch (pr. “dork”) for short.

Music cited, in order of appearance:
“Inexorable Logic” (Expositionsprophylaxe, 1990)

“Accelerated Evolution” (Expositionsprophylaxe, 1990)

“Sick Dishonourableness” (Expositionsprophylaxe, 1990)

“Disappeared with Hermaphrodite Choirs”(Expositionsprophylaxe, 1990)

“Perishing Passion” (Not to be Undimensional Conscious, 1992)

“Groove” (Not to be Undimensional Conscious, 1992)

“The Return of the Living Beat” (Not to be Undimensional Conscious, 1992)

“Time Frame” (Not to Be Undimensional Conscious, 1992 — three moments)

“The Silence I Observe” (Pleasuredome, 1994)

“Pleasuredome “ (Pleasuredome, 1994 — full song)

“Nine9Nine” (Ahead, 2002)

“Mindshaver” (Ahead, 2002)

“Rascal in Me” (Fear of Angst, 2016)

“Down to Earth” (Fear of Angst, 2016)

Episode 5 preview: Utopia, “Mister Triscuits” (Another Live, 1975)

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