Episode 33 — Men Behaving Badly: Trashed Productions

Episode 33 — Men Behaving Badly: Trashed Productions

Radical Research Podcast
Radical Research Podcast
Episode 33 -- Men Behaving Badly: Trashed Productions

Men Behaving Badly: Trashed Productions

What is music if not sound? In episode 28, we discussed the mathematical properties that have shaped some of rock and metal’s most extraordinary albums. In episode 33 of Radical Research, we expand our investigation into the controversial, often divisive, sounds of some of metal’s most remarkable albums. We will take a look at the fevered, heading-straight-for-the sun mania of Born Again, the vacuum-sealed, bass-less thrash of …And Justice for All, the clinical blasphemy of Blessed Are the Sick, among seven others. Join us as we get into the weeds and meditate on the strangeness that occurs when men take to the studio and behave badly.

Note I: There will likely, as with “Bad Ass Fusion Decapitations” (episode 5) and “Synth Whores” (episode 16), be a follow-up to this episode. The metal canon is full of weird productions, some wonderful, some acts of self-sabotage.

Note II: Related to episode 32 and production/producers, Thought Industry chose to work with Dave “Rave” Ogilvie on their debut album. A curious choice, to be sure, having far more experience with electronic and dance music than with TI’s wild and unpredictable metal. Since then, he’s gone onto work with such pop acts as Carly Rae Jepsen, The Weeknd, and other names you will never find in connection with Radical Research.

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Music cited, in order of appearance:
Black Sabbath, “Trashed” (Born Again, 1983)
Morbid Angel, “The Ancient Ones” (Blessed Are the Sick, 1991)
Dark Angel, “Leave Scars” (Leave Scars, 1989)
Mayhem, “Great Work of Ages” (Ordo ad Chao, 2007)
Ulver, “VIII” (Nattens Madrigal, 1997)
Suffocation, “Ornaments of Decrepancy” (Breeding the Spawn, 1993)
Metallica, “Blackened” (…And Justice for All, 1988)
Possessed, “The Heretic” (Beyond the Gates, 1986)
Flotsam and Jetsam, “Burned Device” (When the Storm Comes Down, 1990)
Eucharist, “Greeting Immortality” (A Velvet Creation, 1993)
Episode 34 preview: Anacrusis, “Tools of Separation“ (Screams and Whispers, 1993)

Radical Research is a conversation about the inner- and outer-reaches of rock and metal music. This podcast is conceived and conducted by Jeff Wagner and Hunter Ginn. Though we consume music in a variety of ways, we give particular privilege to the immersive, full-album listening experience. Likewise, we believe that tangible music formats help provide the richest, most rewarding immersions and that music, artwork, and song titles cooperate to produce a singular effect on the listener. Great music is worth more than we ever pay for it.

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