Episode 18 – Do You Hear Solar Music? Grobschnitt’s Cosmic Fantasia

Episode 18 – Do You Hear Solar Music? Grobschnitt’s Cosmic Fantasia

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Episode 18 - Do You Hear Solar Music? Grobschnitt's Cosmic Fantasia

From a kernel to a cosmos. Over the course of a decade and beyond, Germany’s Grobschnitt twisted and bent and stretched a piece of sound that would be known as “Solar Music.” An alchemical collision of Prog, Krautrock, psychedelia, and uncanny theater, “Solar Music” represents a fascinating evolutionary journey and, particularly in its live iterations, reveals a band at the height of its powers. Radical Research dispenses with the Prominence and aims to get to the Core of the matter.

Note I: We have to thank Tom Phillips for turning us on. Without him, we wouldn’t know “Solar Music,” and if we didn’t know “Solar Music,” we’d be malnourished. Hail Tom.

Note II: If you want to dive in, we recommend these fine releases:



Music cited, in order of appearance:

“Solar Music” (live in Berlin, 1977)
“Sun Trip (On the Way)” (Grobschnitt, 1972)
“Solar-Music, Part 1” (Ballermann, 1974)
“Golden Mist” (Solar Music – Live, 1978)
“Otto Pankrock” (Solar Music – Live, 1978)
“Solar Music III” (Solar Music – Live, 1978)
four moments from Warburg performance, 1978
four moments from Munster performance, 1979
final fade, from Warburg, 1978

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