Episode 112 – We Mean You Harm: Hail Spirit Noir 2012-2021

Episode 112 – We Mean You Harm: Hail Spirit Noir 2012-2021

Radical Research Podcast
Episode 112 - We Mean You Harm: Hail Spirit Noir 2012-2021

For its 112th episode, Radical Research travels to balmy Greece to investigate the cryptic evildoing of Hail Spirit Noir, whose hellbroth of black metal, prog, psychedelia, and witchery strikes a special chord with your hosts. We take a deep look at the band’s first four albums and find ourselves more spellbound than ever before. There is no warding off the spell, so give in and join us in this most dangerous of meetings. 
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Music cited in order of appearance:

“Mountain of Horror” (Pneuma, 2012)

“Into the Gates of Time” (two moments) (Pneuma, 2012)

“Blood Guru” (Oi Magoi, 2014)
“Satan is Time” (Oi Magoi, 2014)

“The Mermaid” (Oi Magoi, 2014)

“Mayhem in Blue” (Mayhem in Blue, 2016)

“Lost in Satan’s Charms” (Mayhem in Blue, 2016)

“The Cannibal Tribe Came from the Sea” (Mayhem in Blue, 2016)

“Alien Lip Reading” (Eden in Reverse, 2020)

“Crossroads” (Eden in Reverse, 2020)

“Automata 1980” (Eden in Reverse, 2020)
“On the Loose Again” (Mannequins, 2021) ep. 113 preview: Thief, “Prankquean” (Bleed, Memory, 2024)

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